Bethlehem Musicfest - Bethlehem, PA

Cornerstone Coffeehouse - Wheeling, WV

Linden Tree Coffeehouse - Wakefield, MA

"There are so many great singers and songwriters that are not well known. At the Linden Tree we pride ourselves on showcasing the 'should be famous'. Rick Baker is one of those."   Liz Freeman, Linden Tree

Mountain Moon Coffeehouse - Wheeling, WV

Music from The Mountains - West Virginia Public Radio

Old Vienna Kaffeehaus - Westboro, MA

"A gifted songwriter."   Tim Mason, Old Vienna

South Acton Coffeehouse - Acton, MA

"His low key style and warmth in his voice are rare and inviting--we highly recommend Rick."  Ross Lilley, South Acton

Three Rivers Arts Festival - Pittsburgh, PA